Life is a journey

A new journey begins with the decision to take the first step, taking that step in faith is the exciting option …. stay tune folks , we’re heading to new destinations !!





One of the four cornerstones of JMS Ventures foundation and mission statement is Joy. As the founder of JMS Ventures, how did I decide to choose joy? I like Wess Stafford’s quote: “Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life.”
Read his book “Too Small To Ignore “ to understand this powerful quote as it relates to his own life story . My own story, starts perhaps in 1960, as an innocent nine year old living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. My father worked at the Ethiopian Air Force base in Debre Zeit, and we lived just south of Mexico square , those years we live there were some of the most impactful special years of my life, we camped on the shores of Lake Awasa , then a sleepy fishing village, we traveled to Ambo, Jimma, lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, and other beautiful parts of Ethiopia….. I also witness extreme poverty, disease,and even death, in those early years of my life as well, Wess, you are correct, choosing Joy is some times a brave hard decision .
Each school day we would pass by the Lion of Judah monument in front of the National Theater ,over those years to and from school I would always sit on the side of the school bus that allowed me to glance over at the statue . I knew little of it’s history then and knew even less how much those memories would impact the later years of my life, I since have leaned the history of this beautiful work of stone by sculptor Maurice Calka , and why it was commissioned by Emperor Haile Selassie , that’s for another story . I see it today as a symbol of the diversity, strong will and culture of the Ethiopian people. And the joy so many choose to live out each day .

Taken in the 1950’s
Fast forward 45 years to 2008, 09, & 10 when my son Tyler and I traveled to Ethiopia to meet our Compassion International children, We stayed at the Ghion hotel , where as a kid I took swimming lessons in their olympic size pool. All the memories came rushing back as we drove down Gambia St. and on up to Churchill Ave. and I once again passed the Lion Of Judah Monument, now in a sea of high rise buildings and grown vegetation ! Oh what a joyful rush it was .. As we traveled around the country to meet and visit Ty’s brothers and sisters and their families , he too began to see and feel what I felt as a young boy , most of our children live with relatives or if they are fortunate enough to live with both a father and a mother the family lives on about a dollar a day.. Yet here is the most amazing heart warming part .. the joy in their lives was a choice and a very brave one in the midst of hardship, it was real and intoxicating as they accepted us into their homes, and shared their own wonderful stories.

In front of the Door to their 7 x 10 home …
As we continued over those three years to travel back to visit with them it was always the same , Ty and I cherished what they had each and every time ! And as we boarded the ETA plane to return home each year we too, always decided to choose joy to take back to our home in Colorado. Today as I expand the vision of JMS Ventures and I look for and evaluate Companies , NGOs and Non-Profits to Market and Advocate for I spend time looking at the character and culture of the people running their daily operations and one of the main virtues I look for is if they have consciously made the “Decision” to Choose “Joy” as part of what they have been called to do .. Both for profit  4life Research USA and Non-Profit  Foundation 4life:   live “Joy” every day as they continue to impact lives around the globe . And as our own membership continues to grow , I personally feel very grateful and even more joy as the new members also witness first hand how choosing Joy in the end is always the bravest and right choice in this world. And they do just that! JMS.

JMS Ventures Commitment to serving


One of the Organizations that JMS Ventures is most passionate about and loves to advocate for and support is 4Life Research USA , a twenty year old American company with offices in 24 countries around the globe .

David & Bianca Lisonbee
Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee are dedicated to the work of 4Life Research USA mission and vision in the health and wellness industry . One area that 4Life and JMS Ventures shares a passion for is fighting #Malnutrition , in fact JMSV members work daily to fight the battle to end malnutrition around the globe .

A Product that JMSV loves is 4Life’s “Fortify “. This Highly nutritious meal program is making a difference all over the globe in improving children’s health , 4Life has donated over 6.75 million meals to impoverished children in developing countries. Each pack is filled with high-quality ingredients, including rice, lentils, beans, a nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor®.
When you commit to a recurring monthly donation, or a one time donation the 4Life Fortify meal packs are donated on your behalf directly to Feed the Children . Feed the Children distributes 4Life Fortify to impoverished children without charges or fees. Consistent nutrition is often missing in the diets of children in impoverished countries, causing many additional problems for them and their families. With 4Life Fortify®, you can rest assured that you are feeding children around the world who might not otherwise receive a meal for days.

Fortify is Life , Fortify is Hope
To learn more about the Foundation 4Life Fortify program please visit and to make a recurring monthly donation, or a one time donation , please click on Together we Can make such a difference in our World …
JMS Ventures is an Independent distributor & advocate for #4Life products and Humanitarian products and services

Legacy & Liberty


As I look back on the seasons of my life I realize my “PPNs” have often changed. Now in the fall season of my life journey ( at 66) Legacy and Liberty are my chosen personal primary needs. Last week I ended with the statement “Legacy is my choice , that when hope grows up, we choose the legacy we leave ”  I have been thinking more about that statement this week and how faith has played a part in my journey ..    Hebrews 11:1 says : Now faith is the Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen . I really believe that verse, as it has played a huge part in my life journey, it has help me manage the fear of ‘things not seen’ and accomplish more and blessed with more than I ever thought possible and even perhaps I deserved  ! Now, let me say that fear never really disappeared during my journeys  however my faith continued to grow as I ventured further into the unknown and as Hope grew Up  I realized I was choosing the legacy I will leave, there are still many days and weeks left to paint the canvas of my legacy .. I still cannot see the final framed masterpiece however have faith in the substance of the paints on the canvas and am anxious to see what faith and hope create! Awww and my reward will be and is Liberty,  As Legacy is tied to faith and hope so is Liberty , Alexis de Toqueville wrote ” “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.” Think about that and how both Legacy & Liberty  are reliant on each other . The freedom to make choices each and every day in faith that they will lead you to unknown destinations, some spectacular some fearful yet all building a legacy of your choosing , good and bad, cherish and honor the good , and learn from the bad. The 4th week of MKE excitingly  continues to reveal more of the unknown  and more of my canvas and now the vibrant  colors blue, green , red and yellow will help create a incredible Legacy and bring additional liberty to this 66 year old world traveler … have a great week friends , see you next week

I always keep my promises , yes I do !!!! 

Ciao , j michael

Week 3 in MKE / Blue Rectangles

IMG_E4300It’s October, one of my 12 favorite months , week three in MKE is off and running, sometimes too fast, however all is good !!! Every where I go I see Blue Rectangles  that remind me that “I always keep my promises” !  I was invited to take this journey  from a dear friend who is a Class of 2016 Graduate. Hint :  Always make good choices when someone you like , trust and respect recommends something . Thank you Patti for a great recommendation .. I am so in awe of the global tribe I have found myself in  , full of  beautiful characters and personalities from all over the globe , you just gotta love Marco Polo, I sure do and am  blessed to have Dominica as our tribal chief  ( guide )  … Your perpetual smile and encouragement is so genuine … The workbook, GS, and Sits are going well and beginning to become new enjoyable habits in my normally busy daily routine !!! O.A.T.S has helped a lot and my calendar is reinvigorating full each day !! Before I end my day with GS I glance at the next day on my calendar and look forward to all I see in my  future.. Was contemplating one of my two primary needs which are Legacy and Liberty, BTW and realized that Legacy is my choice , that when hope grows up, we choose the legacy we leave . Well , off on a mini road trip to Dallas today , wonder how many rectangles will jump in front of me ?  

Ciao tribe ,

I always keep my promises .. yes , I do ..

j michael

Week Two, day 8 of a 180 day Journey with Subby

It’s Monday 02.10.17  afternoon in Tyler, Texas and I’m hanging out downtown at Co.WorkTyler a super cool shared work space in a 117 year old brick building .. I printed off  Week two MKE  work book , notes and other cool stuff … Class last night was fantastic. I attended the class with another MKE student Ms Judy Milstead who also lives in Tyler .  IMG_4276

So many new concepts to get my heart and head around this week and continue to get to really know this dude “Subby” who apparently has been running my life without my knowledge for quite some time ,this dude needs some serious  retraining.. and am looking forward to teaching him and his 4 billion crew just what is really happening with this journey called life and creating a totally new roadmap ( blueprint ) for a new 100  story building called LIFE …  My DMP is already looking much  different after my  mentor and guide Dominica introduce herself and sent me some great ideals. She lives in Belgium .. so cool ! My PPNs are now added to my DMP , which by the way are Legacy ad Liberty . Thank you for sending out all the links to our blogs, I can’t wait to read more of our tribes blogs … this global MKE community is a village of so many personalities and cultures and I’m excited to get to know more of you ..  !!! Back to yesterdays class, the “Law of dual thought and idealization” was fascinating !! I love how Mark J explained it. This Monday morning I woke to the sad news in Las Vegas and thought about Mark J’s words on Sunday and was actually surprised at my own  thoughts and attitude towards what happened .. I need to get those thoughts more organized before writing something positive .. stay tune tribe !!!! .. Oh! I almost forgot … I am using a dictionary more now and enjoy learning the meaning and origins of words , Savant was one word I found very interesting . A humorous exercise was the writing  with my right hand , I’m left handed , I could not read any of what I wrote.. not one word .. haha !!!!  Gotta go for now and get some work done !!!!  Will end with  DMP + PMA + Written Plan + MMA = Success ! My week two is looking up , WAY UP .. ciao,

I always keep my promises

j michael