Week Two, day 8 of a 180 day Journey with Subby

It’s Monday 02.10.17  afternoon in Tyler, Texas and I’m hanging out downtown at Co.WorkTyler a super cool shared work space in a 117 year old brick building .. I printed off  Week two MKE  work book , notes and other cool stuff … Class last night was fantastic. I attended the class with another MKE student Ms Judy Milstead who also lives in Tyler .  IMG_4276

So many new concepts to get my heart and head around this week and continue to get to really know this dude “Subby” who apparently has been running my life without my knowledge for quite some time ,this dude needs some serious  retraining.. and am looking forward to teaching him and his 4 billion crew just what is really happening with this journey called life and creating a totally new roadmap ( blueprint ) for a new 100  story building called LIFE …  My DMP is already looking much  different after my  mentor and guide Dominica introduce herself and sent me some great ideals. She lives in Belgium .. so cool ! My PPNs are now added to my DMP , which by the way are Legacy ad Liberty . Thank you for sending out all the links to our blogs, I can’t wait to read more of our tribes blogs … this global MKE community is a village of so many personalities and cultures and I’m excited to get to know more of you ..  !!! Back to yesterdays class, the “Law of dual thought and idealization” was fascinating !! I love how Mark J explained it. This Monday morning I woke to the sad news in Las Vegas and thought about Mark J’s words on Sunday and was actually surprised at my own  thoughts and attitude towards what happened .. I need to get those thoughts more organized before writing something positive .. stay tune tribe !!!! .. Oh! I almost forgot … I am using a dictionary more now and enjoy learning the meaning and origins of words , Savant was one word I found very interesting . A humorous exercise was the writing  with my right hand , I’m left handed , I could not read any of what I wrote.. not one word .. haha !!!!  Gotta go for now and get some work done !!!!  Will end with  DMP + PMA + Written Plan + MMA = Success ! My week two is looking up , WAY UP .. ciao,

I always keep my promises

j michael


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