Week 3 in MKE / Blue Rectangles

IMG_E4300It’s October, one of my 12 favorite months , week three in MKE is off and running, sometimes too fast, however all is good !!! Every where I go I see Blue Rectangles  that remind me that “I always keep my promises” !  I was invited to take this journey  from a dear friend who is a Class of 2016 Graduate. Hint :  Always make good choices when someone you like , trust and respect recommends something . Thank you Patti for a great recommendation .. I am so in awe of the global tribe I have found myself in  , full of  beautiful characters and personalities from all over the globe , you just gotta love Marco Polo, I sure do and am  blessed to have Dominica as our tribal chief  ( guide )  … Your perpetual smile and encouragement is so genuine … The workbook, GS, and Sits are going well and beginning to become new enjoyable habits in my normally busy daily routine !!! O.A.T.S has helped a lot and my calendar is reinvigorating full each day !! Before I end my day with GS I glance at the next day on my calendar and look forward to all I see in my  future.. Was contemplating one of my two primary needs which are Legacy and Liberty, BTW and realized that Legacy is my choice , that when hope grows up, we choose the legacy we leave . Well , off on a mini road trip to Dallas today , wonder how many rectangles will jump in front of me ?  

Ciao tribe ,

I always keep my promises .. yes , I do ..

j michael


8 Replies to “Week 3 in MKE / Blue Rectangles”

  1. This is Deb…I’ll be your blog rover for the next few weeks…

    This quote made me smile, “I always keep my promises .. yes , I do” I love your blue doors!

    You’re on the right path…Way to go!

    Welcome to the MKE being born anew vineyard!


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