JMS Ventures Commitment to serving


One of the Organizations that JMS Ventures is most passionate about and loves to advocate for and support is 4Life Research USA , a twenty year old American company with offices in 24 countries around the globe .

David & Bianca Lisonbee
Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee are dedicated to the work of 4Life Research USA mission and vision in the health and wellness industry . One area that 4Life and JMS Ventures shares a passion for is fighting #Malnutrition , in fact JMSV members work daily to fight the battle to end malnutrition around the globe .

A Product that JMSV loves is 4Life’s “Fortify “. This Highly nutritious meal program is making a difference all over the globe in improving children’s health , 4Life has donated over 6.75 million meals to impoverished children in developing countries. Each pack is filled with high-quality ingredients, including rice, lentils, beans, a nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor®.
When you commit to a recurring monthly donation, or a one time donation the 4Life Fortify meal packs are donated on your behalf directly to Feed the Children . Feed the Children distributes 4Life Fortify to impoverished children without charges or fees. Consistent nutrition is often missing in the diets of children in impoverished countries, causing many additional problems for them and their families. With 4Life Fortify®, you can rest assured that you are feeding children around the world who might not otherwise receive a meal for days.

Fortify is Life , Fortify is Hope
To learn more about the Foundation 4Life Fortify program please visit and to make a recurring monthly donation, or a one time donation , please click on Together we Can make such a difference in our World …
JMS Ventures is an Independent distributor & advocate for #4Life products and Humanitarian products and services

2 Replies to “JMS Ventures Commitment to serving”

  1. What an amazing way to begin 2018. The best way to help yourself is to help others who are less priveleged. This makes it so easy and the benefits for these children are life changing.
    Thanks for all you do on their behalf.


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